Let’s start over

I will not beat around the bush. I suffered from eating disorder (mostly bulimia and short term of anorexia) for over 7 years. Writing it on the internet really is not easy. Could sound stupid but I am quite afraid that people close to me might find out this blog and know about my personal secret, which I consider to be my “pressure point”.

But I thought nothing will be changed unless I come out of my shell, open up my heart and share my stories honestly. I have been deceived and rationalized myself with proper excuses, made myself as a victim, which made me more miserable over pass few years. From now, however, I will confront my situations. Instead of hiding, I will write about my eating disorder stories without lying. I really hope this could work out and make myself feel comfortable.

Lastly, to whoever reading this with eating disorder like me, let’s not give up because of a small mistake. I am certain that there is another chance for you and me. We can do this.


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